Mosaic produced by Heda can be divided into ceramic tile mosaic, glass mosaic, ancient-imitating ceramic mosaic. These products are suitable for indoor walls and all kinds of household, business decoration, for example: wall surfaces, kitchen rooms, bathrooms, swimming pools, halls, staircases and etc. It is the first choice decoration material for public places, hotels, villas and luxurious houses.
    Mosaic is a kind of decoration art and was widely used in construction at the Roman Times. They usually mounted color materials such as small stones, shells (of shellfishes), glazed bricks and glass pieces in the walls or floors, which is only enjoyed by the influential officials.
    Heda mosaic is a brand new product that is combined high technology, the back layer of the glass would keep fresh and would not fades with the time. Designs of the mosaic are novel and original, can display special visual effects and the blares of the colors. The back layer of glass-crystal mosaic would permanently keep the function such as: moisture resistant, erosion resistant, shock resistant, epiphtyte resistant, acid resistant, alkali resistant, heat resistant, fireproof, and resist to the changes of temperature and weather without maintenance. Now, they can be used to replace moorstone, marble and other like materials and used as indoor wall, households and business decoration material.
    Heda mosaic is the most advanced construction material in modern market, it contains different sizes, specifications, shapes and decorative margins. The width ranges from 4mm, 6mm, 8mm and 10mm. Customers can also order by offering samples or by appointing any sizes.
    Heda mosaic are suitable for vertical and horizontal decoration, such as decoration of wall surface, kitchen rooms, bathrooms, bathtubs, passageways, staircases, swimming pools, halls and desktop decorations, even decoration of signboards, screens, fireplaces, columns. They are the first choice for airports, banks, metros, hotels, villas and luxurious households.
    The unique imaginary mosaic series of Heda were synchronistically designed with Italy, which return to the nature wholly. And each piece of the brand new mosaic of the Amber series is never identical with each other, the colors are so colorful just like dreams.